Starter And Alternator Services
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Tuesday, 01 December 2015 17:34
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When your car doesn't start or starts very sluggishly, you may have a problem with your battery, your starter or your alternator. These three systems are connected to power your car.

Why Won't Your Car Start?

Problems in starting your car can result when your battery, starter, or alternator fail.

  • Your battery generates electricity that powers some systems in your car. A weak or dead battery, characterized by a low whining sound, may indicate that the battery is too old to retain a charge as the cells inside it can dry up and rust. The battery may not have been properly charged by the alternator when you operated the car so the remaining power in the battery eventually is exhausted. Charging the car with jumper cables can get you started, but you may want to have your alternator checked if this occurs.
  • Starters, which make a clicking sound when they are dead, can develop bad solenoids, which prevent the starter from creating the right type of current to start your car since it cannot turn electric energy from the battery into mechanical energy that powers your car. When the starter fails, you may need a new one, although a good mechanic might find the problem actually comes from a different part.
  • Your alternator, which turns mechanical energy into electrical energy, is crucial to activating ignition coils, fuel injection systems, engine fans, and other parts of your car. When the alternator is failing, as evidenced by flickering gauges or dim lights, your car might continue to run for short time before your lights and other components fail and then you come to a dead stop. If you are trying to get your car to a safe stopping point, turn off all nonessential items (heat, AC, radio) to stretch out the available power.

Cherry Park Automotive Of NW Houston Can Keep You Running

When any of these systems fail, Cherry Park Automotive can repair or replace whatever is ailing. Since the proper interaction of all parts is important to keep your car running, you should come in for regular tests on your electrical system, lest you be stopped at the side of the road and faced with an unplanned and expensive repair. Replacing your battery may cost over $100 while replacing a starter or an alternator costs $200-300 or more.

At Cherry Park Automotive, our technicians can discern the state of your starter, alternator, battery, or other parts. To schedule an appointment at our Cherry Park or Jersey Village location, just call our central number (832) 593-0077.

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